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According to Traditional Chinese/Korean Medicine Panax Ginseng promotes young energy, improves circulation, increases blood supply, revitalizes and aids recovery from weakness after illness, and stimulates the body.
  1. Energy:
    Ginseng builds up the body's energy reserves and improves health and vitality. It breaks down foodstuffs, converting them into natural sugars that can easily be absorbed by the cells.
  2. Mood:
    Regular use of Ginseng makes you less susceptible to stress. It is an important aid for those suffering from mental strain, in examination periods or whenever you're finding it difficult to relax.
  3. Mental energy:
    Ginseng keeps the mind clear, helps concentration and awareness. As a result you make fewer mistakes in your work and achieve better exam results. In general, Ginseng consumers are more active and optimistic.
  4. Health:
    The role of the kidneys is to purify the blood. The natural properties of many herbs, particularly Ginseng, can help the kidneys perform this role effectively. Today's air, water and food pollution mean that your kidneys can use all the help they can get.
  5. Digestion:
    Ginseng was originally used to aid the digestive system.
  6. Heart:
    Ginseng helps keep blood pressure at healthy levels.
  7. Blood sugar:
    Ginseng helps the body maintain stable blood sugar levels.
Ginseng safeguards the body's harmony and balance and promotes good health

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